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Google AdWords has just released the latest version of their AdWords Editor, and it has some of the most significant changes since last year’s version 11 update came out.  This update is currently available to all AdWords users around the world. In addition to the normal small updates there are a few major changes.  These changes cover labels, upgraded URLs, call-only ads and ads in mobile apps.

Update to Labels

The first change is regarding the full support for labels within the editor.  These labels will help advertisers organize objects within their accounts.  You can, for example, group campaigns and keywords with labels such as ‘sale items’ or ‘spring clothes’ or anything you can imagine.  Each business can come up with their own list of labels that they want to use and begin taking advantage of this increased organization right away.

Creating, editing and deleting labels is done under the Shared Library within the AdWords Editor.  You can then add or remove the labels from the actual campaigns at any time.   Of course, these labels can be used to sort ads, filter them or perform a number of other actions to help you to find the data you need, when you need it.  You can see an example of how these labels can be used here:

AdWords Editor

Upgraded URLs

The upgraded URLs is a big move forward to the feature which was introduced last year.  These upgraded URLs offer improved tracking and makes it so google doesn’t have to crawl your website nearly as often to get the data it needs.   With this update you can upgrade all the destination URLs within the AdWords Editor and manage URLs as well as tracking templates quickly and easily.

Added Call-Only Ads

For customers who want to make it faster and easier for customers to actually call them on the phone, the new call-only ads are an ideal solution.  These ads are set up for mobile customers to be able to simply tap the ad and have it trigger a phone call rather than going to a set web page like traditional ads would do.  This type of advertising has been shown to be very effective and will undoubtedly be very popular for many types of businesses.

Mobile App Ads

Apps on mobile phones and tablets have become extremely popular in the past few years.  Having the opportunity to display ads within these apps is becoming almost as important as being able to display ads on people’s websites.  AdWords is making it much easier to create ads for use within apps, and sort them the way that makes sense for you.

And More!

Google also added in some feature improvements and additional options for parental status and things like this.  These changes are fairly minor and many of them won’t even be noticed.  Overall, however, this was a very important update and users of Google AdWords will want to start using the new options to get as much out of the program as possible.


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