AdWords Expanding Dynamic Remarketing to All Verticals

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Dynamic ad remarketing has been shown to be an extremely effective marketing option for many businesses.  Google AdWords has been offering this service to a select number of retail verticals for some time, with great success.  Due to that success, they have just announced that they will be rolling out this service to all their verticals, including real estate, commercial flights, hotels, jobs, auto sales, education, finance and even classified ads.

Dynamic remarketing really takes the concept of general remarketing to the next level by allowing you to create a campaign that will not only show visitors products that they have already viewed on your site, but also others that they will likely be interested in.  An example of this that AdWords provides is related to car sales, for businesses that sell a wide range of vehicles.  If someone comes and looks at a 2015 Mustang, for example, the dynamic retargeting ads will not only show the mustang, but also other new sports cars.

The system uses the concept that when people are shopping for items they typically don’t have a specific one in mind, but rather a range.  Going back to the car example, people who are thinking about buying a 2015 mustang will also likely be considering a 2015 Corvette.  The ads can also narrow it down by price range and other features. You can even have the campaign push higher priced items more, to improve price per sale.

Companies that were using this feature in Beta testing found that they enjoyed a 2x boost to their conversions and a 60% jump in their CPA returns.

To keep this new rollout in line with their goal of ensuring all ads will work on all platforms, these dynamic retargeting ads will also be optimized for mobile devices.  This will make it easier for brands and marketers to quickly create campaigns that can be immediately launched to customers no matter what device they are browsing from.

Many companies in select verticals, such as Bebe Stores, Netshoes and Build Direct have already been seeing great success using this type of dynamic retargeting, so the effectiveness will likely translate well to all other brands that begin taking advantage of this system.


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