AdWords Improving Display options for Multi-Screen Marketing

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Google has recently announced that they will be rolling out changes in the near future to help allow companies and marketers to more easily create high quality ads that will work well on all screen types.  The goal will be to help brands to be able to set up one ad type, which will then automatically adjust to make an effective ad that will work on PCs, tablets, smart phones and any other devices that potential customers are browsing on.

They will introduce several new ad options, as well as make significant improvements to many existing formats.  These ad formats will then be able to be displayed on the Google Display Network, the AdMob Network and DoubleClick.

New and Improved Ad Formats

The following are the new or improved ad formats that were announced by Google.  These are expected to become available over the next month or two.  Some of these formats are currently available, but will be getting enhancements to allow them to work properly with multi-screen ads.

“Big Brand Ads”

These ads will allow companies to take all their existing brand assets, such as logos, catch phrases, and other information and have them automatically imported into an HTML5 ad that automatically adjusts to look perfect for any screen type.  They can resize to different formats as well, so they can be placed in multiple locations on any page. You can see an example here:

AdWords Expanded

Opt-In Video Ads

Another great option is being called TrueView ads, which allow you to create video ads that viewers have to click on to view the ad.  This will give you a much more accurate picture of how many people are actually engaging with your ads.  In addition, you will only have to pay for the advertisement when users don’t skip the ad, which can help improve the total return on your marketing budget.  You can see these ads here:

Opt In Video

Anchored Ads

Another new ad type that they are making available is the anchor ad format, which is specifically for the mobile web.  This unit will be displayed at the bottom of an app or webpage, and stay in place as users scroll down.  This helps to allow for maximum exposure to your advertisements.  Users will be able to close the ad at anytime.

Magazine Style Test Ads

This option was available just for mobile websites, but will be updated and rolled out for in-app marketing as well.  It allows for glossy text that resembles the print of a magazine ad for extra attention.

Magazine Style

Additional Updates

In addition to the new and improved ad formats, Google is also rolling out some new tools that will help you to build and manage your ads more effectively.  The tools are:

  • HTML5 & in-app Rich Media – AdWords will support 29 HTML5 and in-app formats in their studio.  This makes it faster and easier to create ads with audio, video and other rich media to help improve your user experience.
  • Flash to HTML5 – If you are using Flash ads, they will automatically be backed up as HTML5 versions so that they can display on devices that don’t support Flash (iOS mobile devices).  This helps to ensure everyone will see your advanced ad rather than just a static backup image.
  • Auto Resizing – This tool will allow you to automatically set up new sizes for your ads with minimal work on your part.

Overall, these new ad formats and tools will help to take the AdWords marketing platform to the next level when it comes to creating high quality multi-screen campaigns.  This will have significant benefits for both brands and consumers alike.


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