AdWords Offering New and Updated Reporting

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awords-reportingGetting the most out of the data available is essential to being able to successfully manage any marketing or advertising campaign.  To get that data into usable formats, you need to have the right reporting tools available.  Google’s AdWords program has recently announced that they are updating a variety of their reporting tools as well as launching some new ones to help their customers get the most out of their services.

Campaign Details Report

The first of the new reporting options is the Campaign Details Report, which allows you to see which of the settings in your campaign you aren’t using.  Looking at these settings you can learn to better optimize your campaign and improve the results.  Specifically, the report is supposed to help to find inconsistencies within your settings, identify what settings aren’t being used and view important details about your performance metrics to help get a bigger picture look at your account performance.

Custom Columns

The Custom Columns reporting feature allows you to have improved customization about the data and columns that you have visible within your account.  This gives you greater control over the overall experience and lets you essentially create custom reports that show you only the information you need.  This is a great way save time in reporting by eliminating unnecessary data, and organizing the remaining data in a more effective way for your particular needs.

Top Movers Report

Another updated report is the Top Movers Report, which helps to identify which of your campaigns or ads have changed the most over a set period of time.  With this report you can see when something is changing, either for the positive or negative much more quickly, which can prompt you to make the right changes to improve your results

These three new and improved reports, if used properly, can help to make a significant improvement on your overall marketing strategy.  Even if you are already happy with your AdWords experience, make sure you take some time to look through these options and see how they can benefit you and your marketing campaigns.


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