Analytics Academy Launches App Analytics Course

By on Nov 23, 2014 in Google Analytics | 0 comments

Creating mobile apps has become a multi-billion dollar per year industry, and one that many people are working on becoming a part of.  While there has been a lot of success in this area, it has often been difficult for developers to learn how to properly market their app, and how to make money from it.  Google Analytics has a variety of tools that can help in these areas, and they are launching a new course to help people learn how to better use these tools so that they can improve their ability to make money from their apps.

The course, titled “Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals” will answer three of the most important questions related to mobile app marketing:

  1. How do you track success?
  2. Does anyone know about your app?
  3. Do you have a good monetization plan?

The course is completely free and will begin on November 18th.  You can register for the course HERE. Once it launches, you’ll have four weeks to complete it, and you can even earn a certificate of completion.  While there is no official word that the course will be available again after the November 18th deadline, it seems likely that it will be.


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