Bing Ads Brings More Focus to Customer Service For 2015

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As search engine marketing steadily increases every year, the use of advertising campaigns on Bing Ads platform has seen a significant increase in usage in 2014.

As Bing measures the amount of users engaging in SEO across the web, they are now looking to deliver on customer requests and support tickets, while keeping CPCs stable.

2014 was a great year for Bing Ads. As the user base steadily increases, Bing Ads team has fully embraced the idea that an improved platform means more satisfied customers and a better return on customer retention. Their team has placed close attention to users who use search campaigns on a daily basis by making their requests a top priority.

In 2014 Bing accelerated their data by 700% in return lessening the turnaround time to track data from 4 hours to less than an hour. Bing Ads team’s primary focus then was to accelerate speeds across their whole platform so businesses can operate smoothly.

With many small businesses taking an approach to search engine marketing, many users do not fully understand how to actually use the Bing Ads platform. Many businesses lack Internet marketing experience making reading stats and reports difficult for first time users. Bing has now addressed this concern by improving the Bing Auctions Insights giving users the ability to understand key performance stats, insights and landscapes to effectively target their customers.

Bing has new plans for 2015 with concentration on customer service, mobile search campaigns, and better streamlining of data. They have tapped deeper into their networks and increased speed and efficiencies across all platforms. You can expect to see Bing Ads help your business effectively connect customers to the right audiences and demographics. With enhanced targeting capabilities leveraging more audience based signals and enriching consumer engagement, their customer centric approach will build better value in a Bing ad campaigns and value within your business for years to come.


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