Bing Ads Campaign Planner gets Update for the Holidays

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A recent announcement from Bing Ads has confirmed that they are rolling out a new, more powerful version of the already popular Campaign Planner Tool.  The update will be completely launched with plenty of time to take advantage of it for the rest of the holiday season.

In the updated interface, three of the most popular options are combined and optimized into one page.  The Vertical & Product Trends feature, the Keyword Research page and the Competitive Insights page are all now going to be easier to use and more helpful than ever.  In addition to simply merging them, they are also adding some brand new elements to help make it even easier to use.

Updates to the Vertical & Product Trends Feature

The new page will allow you to pull out more information about specific product trends, or trends within a broader vertical.  You’ll be able to quickly dig into the verticals which are either pre-defined or manually set up by the users.  You can find sub-verticals quickly, which can help you to improve your overall advertising strategy.  You’ll also have access to both seasonal/historical snapshots of search volume as well as the actual search volume from the past seven days all at your fingertips.

You can see an image of how this section of the new page will look:

Bing Ads 1

With a quick click on the Products Tab will show you additional insight that can be extremely valuable.  This section has been greatly updated to the point where it is essentially a brand new feature for most users.  You can see how this products tab will look here:

Bing Ads 2

Keyword Research Updates

For most advertisers, all their marketing starts with in-depth keyword research. With this in mind, Bing Ads has really gone all out in helping advertisers to find the right keywords for each campaign.  The planner is simple to use and can help you to not only discover new keywords that you can target, but also look at how they have performed over the past day, week, month or year.  Information about the volume of searches as well as what type of devices are performing the searches will be extremely helpful to many advertisers.

An image from Bing Ads of this feature can be seen here:

Bing Ads 3

And another one here:

Bing Ads 4

Competitive Insight Improvements

This is a new feature that will allow advertisers to gain additional insight into the top competition that is bidding on a specific vertical or for a specific product.  This will give you unprecedented information about what types of things your competitors are doing when it comes to online advertising.  You can quickly see up to 20 domains along with the ads that are being displayed and the position in the SERPs.  Here is an image of this page in action:

Bing Ads 5


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