Bing Ads Completes Device Targeting Updates

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Bing has announced that they have completed their goal of rolling tablets and PCs into a single device target category for their Bing Ads platform.  This is an important move that anyone who uses Bing Ads needs to be well aware of.  Of course, today’s tablets have virtually the same functionality as most PCs, which is why this adjustment makes sense in many ways.

On the other hand, people’s behavior is not always the same on both PCs and tablets.  This is why it is still important for marketers and brands to keep a close eye on where their traffic is coming from, and what types of conversions they are getting from each system.

You will still be able to customize your bid adjustments based on device type, but that too has some key updates.  The new range of available adjustments is from +300% down to -20% for tablets.  In the past, tablet adjustments could go far lower (though these low settings weren’t often used).  Anyone who has their adjustments set below 20% will automatically have their settings changed to bring it to the new minimum levels.

This announcement from Bing Ads marks the completion of their first phase in making adjustments to the targeting of ads.  They did say that additional information about their second phase will be coming later this month.


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