Bing Ads Explains Recent Improvements

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Bing Ads offers users the opportunity to provide feedback and direction as to where they think Bing should be focusing their energies when it comes to improving their ads platform.  Since they began this program, they have been making changes, both big and small, which have so far addressed nearly 900 requests from their ‘Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum.’

In a recent post, they have announced a few of the major areas where they have made changes and improvements.  Included in this announcement are quick screen captures of the requests made by actual users.  This is a nice way for Bing to show that they are actually listening to and responding to the different requests being made by users of their platform.  You can see one example of this here:

Bing Ads Update 1

The specific areas where they have made improvements are as follows:

  • Bing Ads Editor – They added the ability to quickly locate any conflicts with negative keywords, which helps to reduce duplication.
  • Location Targeting & Ad Scheduling – Updates now make it easier to target specific geographic locations as well as schedule the days and times that each ad will be displayed
  • Large Volume Management – Managing accounts that have hundreds or even thousands of keywords and ads associated with it could be difficult. There were a number of changes to the way this is now done, including a significant improvement to the bulk edit feature, which was covered on this site HERE.
  • Web Interface Improvements – There were a number of changes to the user interface for managing Bing Ads accounts. This has been done to help boost the efficiency of advertisers and eliminate wasted time having to browse through multiple locations for related tasks.
  • Addition of Payment Options – Bing Ads now accepts more payment options than ever before, including accepting payments through the Discover Card network. This will make it easier for people to pay their bills and fund their accounts quickly.

None of these updates are revolutionary, but they do add up to create a much better experience for advertisers.  In addition, the announcement really did show that Bing is listening to their customers and doing everything they can to make changes quickly when they identify problems or opportunities.


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