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Online advertising and marketing can be a confusing topic for many people, and it is no surprise why.  The entire industry is quite different than traditional advertising, and requires that most people go through a learning curve.  In order to help with that process, Bing Ads has teamed up with to provide new ‘Bing Ads Essential Training.’

This training will help allow you to more effectively use your account, and help you to become the expert you need to be.  The training is provided free of charge to Bing Ads customers for the next 10 days and features a variety of tips and tricks to help improve performance, set up new campaigns, and much more.

The class is conducted by Joseph Kerschbaum, who is a paid search expert. The class consists of 40 videos, each of which are easy to view in one quick sitting, while still detailed enough to get everything you need out of them.  They also have full transcripts of what is said in the videos, which is great for review.

The topics for the class include the following (taken right from the Bing Ads announcement):

  • The benefits of Bing Ads
  • Comparing Bing and Google
  • Creating your Account
  • Setting up Billing
  • Bing Ads Editor
  • Understanding the Yahoo Bing Network
  • Organizing campaigns and ad groups
  • Understanding keyword match types
  • Setting up campaign budgets
  • Setting keyword bids
  • Targeting options
  • Writing effective text ads
  • Importing campaigns from AdWords
  • Tracking ad performance
  • Understanding quality score
  • Bing Ads keyword research tool
  • Measuring performance
  • Running report

Each of these topics are covered in detail so when you complete the class you will be ready to start or improve any Bing Ads campaign.  These classes are an excellent opportunity for anyone who is looking to use digital ads for their next advertising or marketing campaign.


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