Bing Ads Offering Insight to Increase Phone Calls to Your Business

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Getting people to call your business has long been an extremely effective marketing strategy.  Even though many people are trying to move away from that option and encouraging people to make purchases online to save the cost of hiring customer service professionals, it is still an important option.  People often want to be able to speak directly to a person to get questions answered quickly and easily.

Combining your digital marketing strategies with an easy to use phone system is a great way to increase conversions and make your customers appreciate your business more than ever before.  With this in mind, Bing Ads has provided a number of great tips to increase the number of phone calls to your business, and help those phone calls to turn into paying customers.

  • Clickable Phone Numbers – Whenever you display a phone number, make sure it is clickable. A growing number of people are using Voice Over IP (VoIP) phones, which allow them to make a phone call right from their computer.  Even those who use Skype for their phone service can benefit from this.
  • Call to Action – Instruct people to make a phone call on certain pages. If, for example, you find that there are certain areas of your site where people abandon the page, perhaps encourage people to call you with questions.  It could be that customers are getting confused about something, so they don’t know what to do.  Giving them the option to call you will add an alternative to just browsing away.
  • Increase Ads During Business Hours – If you’re running ads on Bing, Google, Facebook or other sites, make sure you run the ones with your phone number during business hours. This way if people call, they are going to get a live person rather than a message.
  • Get People to the Right Area – If your business has a lot of different departments or options, try not to have them go through a call tree. People hate call trees and it can give them a bad impression of your business.  Adding an 800 number for each department can allow you to give customers a direct line to the right area so they don’t have to go through excessive call options.

Take these tips, and analyze the data you get from your digital platform and call stats and see what is working best.  In many cases you will be able to track trends and improve the overall customer experience.  Anything you can do to make your customers more comfortable on your site will help to improve your conversion rates.


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