Bing Ads Provides Insights on Combining Content & Search Engine Marketing

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Whenever talking about digital marketing today the two biggest topics are content marketing and search engine marketing.  In many ways they really go hand in hand quite well.  The content used on your site will help it to rank better in the search engines.  Quality content also gets shared more, which builds more links to help search engines even more.

Bing Ads has recently published a new post about how you can effectively synergize content marketing and search engine marketing to maximize your efforts.  In the post the author also goes into how these things can help with ‘remarketing’ which is the marketing efforts on those visitors who have come to your site and left without making a purchase on the first visit.  This, of course, is the majority of visitors.

Bing Ads will be using a new audience tag called Universal Event Tracking in the near future to help marketers with their remarketing efforts.  This Universal Event Tracking is called different things on different platforms, but essentially it helps to get your ads and other marketing efforts in front of people who have already been to your site.

Combining Search & Content

Without getting too technical in how it was done, Bing designed and implemented their audience tags and then set up a new campaigns with search engine ads.  To compliment these efforts they ran some content marketing campaigns on Facebook to follow up with their target audience.  They found that the results led to an increased visibility on more keywords, higher bids to show ads and the messages were focused more on brand value.  This helped to create a more effective overall marketing effort from beginning to end.

You can see in the following image provided by Bing just how this can be effective:

Bing Ads Marketing

Combining this with remarketing efforts will help create a more seamless marketing effort that will drive more sales and produce better results for your brand.


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