Bing Discusses Benefits of Required Privacy Policy

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Over the last several years government agencies such as the FTC, and others, have started cracking down on privacy policy violations.  This has led many companies, including Bing Ads, to begin requiring a great privacy policy to be in place before you could use their services.  Most people think that this is just an annoyance that you have to go through in order to use the program.

According to Bing in their latest blog post, however, these policies actually do have some positive aspects that benefit both the advertisers and the users of the page.  The following are some of the main points that Bing made, and how you can benefit from having a well-made privacy policy on your site.

The Privacy Policy

The privacy policy on any site should lay out exactly how the site will collect user information, and what it will be used for.  In order to meet the requirements of Bing Ads, your site’s privacy policy must include the following four items:

  • Clearly display the name of the company that is collecting any personal information.
  • Clearly list the purpose for which the personal information is being collected.
  • Provide options and instructions for opting-out.
  • Any other information that is required by law

How this Benefits the User

The user to your site will enjoy several benefits from having this privacy policy displayed to them, even if they don’t immediately realize it.  First, having this policy clearly displayed on the site gives them a place to go in the event that they think the site has stolen information or otherwise acted unethically.

With this information, they know to whom they can file a complaint.  They also have something to refer to if they want to know whether or not their user information was used in a way that is legal.  Having the ability to collect information, which is made possible by the privacy policy, also helps the user because it allows them to view more customized ads that they are likely to actually want to see, rather than just seeing random ads, which was common online many years ago.

How this Benefits the Company

A company that is using Bing Ads will also enjoy a lot of benefits from having this privacy policy in place.  First, it will protect them from being accused of invading the user’s privacy.  In the event that someone complains, they simply need to refer them to the policy statement, which will explain exactly what is being done.  It will also be an easy place for people to find out how to opt-out of the policy if they wish.

In addition, having this policy allows you to remain in compliance with federal, state and local laws.  Of course, this is essential for any type of business.  Finally, it helps to facilitate open communication between the visitors, the site owner, and third party service providers, such as Bing Ads.


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