Bing making Updates to how Mobile Targeting Occurs

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In Bing’s latest announcement, they have confirmed that they are making some significant changes to how campaigns can target mobile devices.  These changes aren’t going to actually roll out until March of 2015, but it is good to get a good understanding as soon as possible.  They are calling this ‘phase 2’ of their updates to how they work with different types of devices.

Details of the Change

The biggest adjustment is related to how device targeting will take place, and how you can adjust your bid for an ad automatically based on the type of device it will be displayed on.  The current layout can be seen here:

Bing Ads Old

The updated view will make some fairly simple adjustments.  These aren’t major, and were apparently done in order to be in line with what Google AdWords is doing since many people manage their Bing campaigns from their AdWords dashboards.  You can see the updated view here:

Bing Ads New

App Extensions

Another change, and one that is likely going to be more significant for many people, is the introduction of Ad Extensions.  This will allow advertisers to promote their apps within the ads.  Given the popularity of apps on mobile devices, this is a huge improvement and one that will undoubtedly be very popular.  It will work on Android, iOS and Windows devices, and will automatically link to the proper store to download a given app.  You can see what the new app extensions will look like in the image provided by Bing here:

Ad Extensions

These changes may not roll out for several more months, but it is important to start thinking about them now.  Since the majority of newer mobile devices are able to handle more complicated and advanced websites, there is really no need to have dedicated PC & mobile ads, which is why these updates are being rolled out.  If you haven’t already, now is the time to make sure your landing pages, and websites in general, are properly optimized for all types of devices.


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