BingAds Gives Recommendations for Tax Day Advertising

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Tax Season” presents many business opportunities to make money, and not just for accountants.  This time of year offers a wide range of different businesses the ability to get their message in front of people who are really thinking about money like no other time of the year. This is great for those offering financial advice, loan help and much more.  In addition, this is the time of year where people are getting their income tax returns back, so they may have some extra money to spend.

BingAds has released a new post about how to take advantage of the surge in specific searches that will come this time of year. They also take care to point out that the tax season goes all the way until April 15th, which is the IRS deadline for filing.

You can see in the chart below that people file their taxes primarily at the beginning of February, just after they get their W-2’s, and then again near the middle of April when the deadline occurs.  While the February is coming to a close, there is still plenty of opportunity to capitalize on the April bump:

tax time 1

You can also see that the biggest surge in clicks on ads related to taxes shoots up in early April, which means there will be plenty of opportunity for success, if you start planning today.

Tax Time 2

BingAds has presented several key tips for tax season:

  • Optimize Budgets & Bids – You want to plan for the search peaks, and allocate the most of your ad budget for those time periods.
  • Dynamic Insertions – Make sure you insert the right call-to-action or click to call commands to ensure people know exactly what they are supposed to do when they see your ads.
  • Mobile is Key – Throughout 2014, mobile search was one of the hottest topics around. It just makes sense to incorporate that into your tax season marketing budget.
  • Align Campaign to Offer – If you are offering tax tips or services, you want to start advertising just before the surges. For selling high ticket items that people can buy with their returns, begin campaigns just after the surge concludes.

The bottom line here is that you want to make sure you do everything you can to take advantage of the great opportunities that come around each year at this time.  With proper planning and the right ads, you can make some excellent returns.


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