Bing Ads Launches Universal Event Tracking

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Bing Ads has recently made the official launch of a new ability that will help advertisers define and track goals for their ads.  This new option is called Universal Event Tracking (UET) and it will benefit advertisers by helping them to get the most out of their advertising investment.  By using the UET program, you can link up specific goals with specific ad campaigns.  This will help you to not only measure your results more accurately, but also learn about what works best and what doesn’t.

They specifically comment on benefits with regard to what campaigns are most effective, which keywords result in the best conversions (or worst bounce rates), and where you can get the best return on investment.  It also helps with understanding which types of audiences you should target to get the best value of your ads.

The UET platform will also be used with future features that Bing Ads is planning, including an advanced remarketing option.  This will help ensure you can bid on the right keywords using the right ads, and bring in the right customers with your advertisements.

The UET platform is replacing the Campaign Analytics tool, which has been what most advertisers would have used up to this point.  Campaign Analytics will continue to work until April of 2015, but beyond that it will be entirely phased out.

Setting Goals

Using the UET platform you can set four different types of goals, including destination, duration, pages/visits and event goals.  You can see some of the specific things that each of these types of goals will be used for and how you can benefit from them in the chart below, provided by BingAds:

BingAds Chart

The program is a simple, yet powerful way to track any type of business objective you would like.  This will not only help provide immediate information that you can use to improve your advertising campaigns, but it will also help to gather information together over months or even years for in depth analysis.

The program can be used across multiple campaigns and help to provide advanced insights into a wide range of different statistics that advertisers are likely to be interested in.

Below is a video from Bing that provides further insight into Universal Event Tracking.


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