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ppc-trafficWhatever the end game is for your PPC goals, you want to get people to your site in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Whether you’re concerned with getting foot traffic in the door of your business or racking up the online orders, having a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t is beyond valuable. To aid in the trial and error process that most have to navigate, BingAds has compiled a list of both quick and long-game ways to win in the advertising competition, keep advertising costs low and get potential customers to your website.

Quicker Methods:

Ad Position – If your ad isn’t placed within the first three spots, and budget targets aren’t being hit daily, then one option would be to try increasing your bids to secure a top three spot. If that’s not budget-friendly, and you still feel an ad position adjustment is necessary, try increasing your bids to at least ensure a spot on the first page of the Bing search results, and obviously, as high up as possible.

Targeting – Sometimes a broader audience makes sense, even if it doesn’t initially seem to. Rather than only targeting your immediately surrounding physical area for walk-in sales, consider widening the range to include areas visitors to your city may be coming from. Even if walk-in sales are the ultimate goal, widening the net may help bring in foot traffic.

Keywords – What’s considered popular or “trending” as far as words and phrases go is ever-changing. Even if you once considered your list of keywords to be flawless, revisiting is never a bad idea. Current events and popular culture shine a light on words and phrases that may have otherwise been hidden from sight. Keep your keyword list up-to-date and fresh, and don’t forget about keywords that may not be as common. If the keyword is less common, there is less competition for customer clicks.

Broad Match – Keeping an eye on reports to ensure your return on investment is ideal, you might consider adding broad match to further widen the fishing pool and snare some more web traffic.

Sitelink Extensions – In order to find information they’re looking for a lot faster and in a more efficient manner, providing links to specific pages within your site by enabling Sitelink Extensions might be the answer you’re looking for. It will help push more traffic to your website with more targeted, and accessible information available that gives peace of mind with an elevated level of detail.

Long-game Methods

Ad Copy – The actual copy of your ad is arguably the most important aspect of a PPC campaign. Starting out, any level of trial and error is expected before crafting the perfect word combination that will draw in potential customers. Try playing around with different ways of wording the ad so that it showcases different benefits and solutions for customers at different times.

Mobile Friendliness – Although it has a lot more to do with website formatting than your actual PPC campaign, making sure the ad can be accessed via mobile devices is growing more and more important as the devices are used more and more in place of more stationary methods. If your site isn’t set up for mobile optimization, you could be missing out on potential customers that your competition picks up.



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