BingAds Planning Major Remodel to Reporting

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One of the priorities for BingAds in 2015 is going to be improvements to the way their system handles the reporting for their customers.  While the current system does provide all the essential information that is needed, it could be better organized and easier to use, which is what the engineers at BingAds are hoping to accomplish.  In a recent post, BingAds writer Sara Johnson outlined some of the exciting changes they are working on.


When the team at BingAds began looking at the reporting tools they saw that they were essentially a separate part of their overall program.  While the reporting tools had access to all the information, it wasn’t easily and seamlessly integrated into the BingAds platform itself.  For example, in order to properly analyze your overall campaign performance, you needed to leave the page and enter the reports platform.

With that, one of the main goals is to be able to create, access and review reports from within the primary BingAds system.  This will make it much easier and faster for marketers to be able to get the information they need when they need it.

The following three principals were developed to help redefine reporting in BingAds:

  • Unify the overall reporting and campaign management processes to make it easier for users.
  • Add the reporting tools and tasks into the campaign area for simpler access.
  • Eliminate redundant tasks so new reports can be created and accessed in a more intuitive way.

Incorporating User Solutions

Another important goal the people at BingAds had was to make sure they were listening to the actual users to discover what it was they wanted when it came to the overall reporting in their system.  With that, they looked through user requests to come up with the following three areas of improvement:

  • Improve Efficiency – Users frequently complained about the inefficient nature of the reporting process, and asked that it be made possible to view and run reports from additional areas of the platform. This will be incorporated into changes that are being planned and rolled out in 2015.
  • Removing Redundant Activities – We found that we were right in looking to eliminate redundancy throughout the system, which was already mentioned above. This was one of the main areas of concerns for users, who didn’t want to have to enter in reporting guidelines and other information multiple times, depending on where they were running the reports.
  • More Useful Insights – Finally, the third most common request for improvement was to make the reporting more useful and relevant. Not only providing more information to users, but making that information more actionable.  This will be a main focus throughout the improvements made this year by BingAds.

Big Year for 2015 Reporting

The bottom line here is that BingAds will be putting a lot of time and effort into improving the way their reporting works for the users.  This should be a very helpful move, which makes their internal reporting even more useful than ever.


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