BingAds Updates Universal Event Tracking

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The Universal Event Tracking feature from BingAds is just over three months old, and they are starting to implement some of the updates and changes that have been requested by their users.  Specifically, they are trying to make it easier and more intuitive to use on a regular basis.  The following is the most significant change that is being implemented, and one that many brands will likely find very valuable.

Agency Managed Changes

When brands hired an agency to manage their BingAds campaigns, they would previously be unable to see certain types of changes, including goals and tags.  In addition, the client themselves would not be able to make changes in these areas, so they had to contact their agency to get it done.

To address this issue, BingAds has updated the control panel to allow agencies to create pages specifically for individual customer accounts.  The customers can then view those sections, so they can take care of certain tasks themselves, and also see things like the goals and tags that were previously impossible to view.  This is a fairly simple addition, but it will allow brands to have much easier insights into their ad campaigns.  You can see an image of what this will look like here:

Bing Ads UET

One downside to the way this was implemented is that agencies will have to recreate any goals that were set up prior to the rollout of this update.  They will still work, but customers won’t be able to see them until they are recreated and associated with the proper clients.


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