Bulk Edit Functions now available in Bing Ads Platform

By on Nov 22, 2014 in Bing Ads | 0 comments

Bing Ads has just announced that they have released an advanced bulk edit function within their platform that will allow users to make large changes to things like keywords, campaigns, ad groups and regular ads.  The newly updated feature will allow you to make fast and easy updates to a wide range of different items.

The announcement listed all of the new areas that can now be changed, but here are a few of the most important from that list:

  • Change keywords to broad match, exact match or phrase match
  • Increase or decrease bids for ad groups. This can be done either by percentage or dollar amount
  • Change the status of ad groups throughout an entire account

In addition to these updates, they are also retiring the ‘edit in Excel’ option that had still been available up until this point.  This has long been the legacy option and according to Bing, it wasn’t used much anymore anyway.  All bulk changes now must be done through the bulk edit operations area within their platform.

Here is an image of what the bulk edit options will look like in your “All Campaigns” tab:

Bulk Edit


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