BingAds Allows Facebook Audience Insights for Improved CTR

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Wouldn’t it be an amazing development if the salesperson you’ve never had a conversation with at your favorite retail spot already knew what you were looking for before you ever approached them? They could bring you right to your desired purchase without ever having to say hello. The first and most important step in running a successful campaign is to get a hold of intelligence about your audience before they ever come into contact with your ad. Having the edge on your competition means knowing your customer better than they do. As part of the Bing Ads and You series, Bing Ads delves deeper into the idea of Audience, as the lynchpin of their Marketing Development Cycle, displaying techniques and methods that will have customers enraptured by the first greeting. Important aspects of the Marketing Development Cycle Audience – In order to develop a viable marketing plan, you must understand your customers. Content – All content for marketing must be highly relevant to the target audience. Campaign – Implement campaigns to foster sales from the targeted audience with the quality content you’ve created. Analytics – The performance of the campaigns must be analyzed to gain further knowledge of customers, which will help to create more relevant content and campaigns. Using Campaign Planner within Bing Ads is a great tool to study customer activities across the Yahoo Bing Network. Bing Ads worked with social media expert, Dayna Moon, who is the Senior Director of Social Media for 3Q Digital, to help suss out audience insights from an advertiser’s Facebook account. This is what Bing Ads learned from that experience: Bing Ads Campaign Planner aids in studying customer activity Use Bing Ads Campaign Planner to assess the competition for engaging with a particular audience by analyzing potential customers’ activity on the Yahoo Bing Network. The format in which the Campaign Planner presents seasonal trends is perhaps most important, as it uses an easy-to-follow daily/weekly/monthly/annual format for optimal results.      Apply audience insights to Bing Ads campaigns from Facebook There are two activities that will allow the collection of audience insights within Facebook: There is user interaction with your page on Facebook – Gather general information such as gender distribution, age range,...

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Facebook to Announce Major new Ad Network

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According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is planning on officially announcing a new advertising platform at the Advertising Week conference, held in New York.  The new program will move Facebook from an exclusively social media company to a major ad network overnight.  The ad network will allow marketers to buy ad spots on millions of web properties, while still getting all of the advantages of using Facebook ads. This is clearly a major move for Facebook, and it will pit them directly against Google for the display advertising market.  This new system for Facebook was largely made possible due to the to the Atlas platform, which was purchased from Microsoft last year.  This platform allows data to be gathered using the Facebook ID, rather than Cookies, which have been the traditional method for advertisers for many years now. Facebook will be strongly promoting the fact that they don’t rely on cookies, which has many known limitations, especially with mobile advertising. The market that Facebook is now entering is massive, and could allow them to dramatically increase their profits going forward.  Google made $13.2 billion through ads displayed on non-Google properties in 2013, which is more than Facebook brought in all year.  While it will undoubtedly take some time to grow this new income stream, it has the potential to become a major source of profits for the social company. Marketers will benefit from this move because they will be able to use all the data that Facebook already has when displaying ads on sites besides  In addition, this new program will allow Facebook to gather even more data about people’s browsing habits than ever before.  This will likely be used to help improve the ads shown both on and off of Facebook’s main property. While most people have expected Facebook to enter the display advertising market for some time, it is still something that everyone will be watching closely.  This move will likely make Facebook and Google become one of the biggest tech rivalries in history, perhaps even bigger than Microsoft and Apple.  Especially since Facebook is already making inroads toward allowing people to use the Facebook platform as a search engine too....

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