Google Analytics Announces Webinar on Real-Time Personalization

By on Jan 13, 2015 in Google Analytics | 0 comments

For marketers today, personalization is a very important concept.  Having your advertising customized based on specific locations, likes, search habits and other factors can have a huge effect on how well they perform.  This is why Google Analytics is planning a digital webinar that will discuss just how important real-time personalization in marketing can be.

On January 15th, Mike Telem and Mike Tomita from Marketo will be presenting on this topic, and they will be joined by Dan Stone from Google.  This promises to be a very valuable webinar for all marketers who want to learn how Google Analytics technology can help improve the overall personalization of the advertisements you are running.

Other brands have found personalization to be a very valuable practice, and when done right, just about any business can benefit from it.  If you’re interested in attending this webinar, you can register HERE.


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