Google Analytics Publishes Guide on Connecting with Customers

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Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools that a marketer or advertiser has because it will allow them to more accurately identify when and why customers make purchases.  To help with that end, they have published a new guide titled, “Measure what Matters Most.” In almost all cases, there is a general path that customers take before they actually put in their credit card number and make that purchase.  This guide will help advertisers to learn to identify key points on the journey that each customer makes, so that you can better decide what actions need to be taken at each step.

This can help, for example, determine when and where specific ads should be used and when to follow up with the customer or potential customers.  It will help you to identify the right metrics ahead of time so you can build them into a campaign right from the start.  This will help to save a lot of time and money over trying to identify and implement key metrics as the campaigns are running.

It will also help you to learn how to identify your best customers (those who make the most purchases and the highest dollar purchases).  From this, you can learn how to identify these types of customers earlier so you can better target them and bring them into your sales funnel.

Taking this information and assigning value to each point is a great way to help determine where and when you should spend your marketing dollars.  This guide will help to develop a working strategy that, when implemented properly, can reduce your overall advertising expenses while also improving your conversion rates with customers.

Finally, the guide touches on different ways to test and prove the marketing concepts that they propose.  This will help to improve your campaigns over time, and help you to make decisions that can improve your results much more quickly.


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