Google Compare for Car Insurance

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No matter what you’re buying, one of the best ways to ensure you get the best deal and the best product is by comparing multiple different options side by side.   With the goal of helping consumers do just that, Google has recently announced a new option called “Google Compare for Car Insurance.”  It is currently only available in California, but it will be rolling out to other states in the near future.   This is part of the growing suite of Google Compare products, according to the recent Inside AdWords post.

You can see a simple image of how this new service will look on your smart phone here:

Google Compare

The service will allow you to compare all the important aspects of auto insurance in one easy place.  Another important note about this initial service is that while it is only available in California right now, it does include options to compare national insurance companies as well as local options.  This will help ensure users get the best possible insurance.

As you go through the process of comparing different plans you are able to highlight different things like which discounts you think are most important based on your unique driving history and patterns.  Once you have decided which of the companies you want to go with, you can either buy the policy right online or you can call them through the ‘click to call’ feature within the service and talk to an agent.

The service is provided by Google, who is making money through a ‘cost-per-acquisition’ (CPA) model, which is very popular right now.  They do point out that the payment they receive is not factored into how the insurance companies rank within the system.


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