Homepage of Bing Ads Updated for Streamlined On-the-go Performance

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Bing Ads has just announced that they are updating the look and layout of their signed-in home page to help people to better get the information they need.  The page was set up to help Bing Ads users who want to be able to monitor their ads campaigns quickly and easily, and get the information they need right away. While it is configurable to a point, the main feature of the new home page for users is going to be that it displays a wide range of actionable information immediately.  You can see a sample of it here:

Bing Update 1

The new updates will be effective for all marketers so that it displays the information most relevant to them.  Things like number of clicks, traffic levels and much more will now be available right on the front page.  Much of this information was previously only available after clicking through to a few different pages on the site.   You can see a simple comparison of what the home page looked like before and after the update in this image provided by Bing:

Bing Update 2

There are many great benefits to this new user interface.   The best advantage for most people will likely be the fact that they can log in to check the overall status of their page in just seconds.  This makes it possible for people to get a quick overview of their campaigns and then get back to other work or other activities.

The summary dashboard will also provide things like performance trends, top mover reports and much more to ensure you have just what you need, when you need it.  The new system also provides you with modules that you can swap in and out to create the best performing home page possible.  You can easily get in and see only the information you want, which will further save you time and effort.

There are many modules that you can choose from, each which will provide you with a different type of information.  The following chart from Bing shows exactly what the module will do for your campaign:

Bing Update 3

While there isn’t really any significant new information that wasn’t there before, it will all be much easier to access with this newly configured home page.  If you haven’t logged into your Bing Ads home page recently, stop in and see what you think of the new layout.


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