New Best Practices for Mobile App Installs Released from AdWords

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The competition for mobile apps has been growing at an incredible pace over the past several years.  Millions of new apps are introduced to the App Store and Google Play store every year, and that is only expected to increase as time goes on.  For many companies that are looking for a way to engage with their customers, an app presents many great and unique opportunities.  Once the customers download the app, however, it can be difficult to keep them coming back and engaging with it on a regular basis.

With this in mind, Google has updated their Best Practices page with some new guides that will help online marketers and advertisers to get better results from their mobile applications.  The first guide, titled, “Tapping into Mobile App Installs”, will help you to get more people to install your app.  You’ll also be able to more accurately estimate how many people will use your app once it is available.

The second guide that they published is called, “Tapping into Mobile App Engagement.”  This is more to teach people how to keep the users who have already downloaded their app coming back for more.  It will also show you how to keep track of what types of things users do once they have your app installed.  Things like what percentage of people who download it use it again within a week, or other helpful information.

Remember, building an app for your business is really just the first step in a long journey toward engaging with your customers through their mobile devices. If you want to succeed with mobile marketing, you need to do all you can to gather the right information together, and that is what these guides from Google are designed to do.


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