New Feature Launched to help make Analytics Easier

By on Nov 29, 2014 in Google Analytics | 0 comments

analytics-iconMost advertisers know that Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools they have to help them make better decisions with their marketing, and improve their websites in general.  The vast majority of people, however, only use a small portion of the features that Analytics has available.  This is because most people don’t really know how to set up and use some of the more advanced features.  In order to address this issue, Google is launching a new “Google Analytics Demos & Tools” website that is made specifically to help Analytics users and developers.

The site is set up specifically to help developers with experience become more productive, and bring newer users up to speed more quickly so they can begin to take advantage of all that Analytics has to offer.

The following are just a few of the main features that you’ll find at their site:

  • Enhanced eCommerce Demo – This includes code samples, and much more to help you with your eCommerce platforms.
  • Account Explorer Tool – This will help you to find any of the IDs that you need for both traditional Google Analytics and third party items.
  • Custom Dashboards – As the name implies, this helps you to learn to create custom dashboards.
  • Query Explorer – Learn to set up and analyze queries more quickly and easily than ever before.

There are many other features on the site, and it will continue to grow and develop to become more useful over time.  This will certainly be a powerful tool for any developers or analytics users who are looking to get more out of this already powerful tool.


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