New Features on AdWords and How to Use Them

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Over 200 products and feature updates launched in AdWords last year. It can be hard to keep track of all the changes, yet it’s also necessary to learn how to use AdWords if you want your business to have the “now” factor.

Ad Words wants to help.

AdWords is providing two new resources in the Learn tab of the Help Center to help you understand how they work. The first is a chronological list of product updates. When you visit the page today you’ll see that eligible Flash ads can now be automatically converted to HTML5 on the Google Display Network. To improve reporting they have also recently rolled out a service release for AdWords Editor.

adwords new 1

Each listing recommends a short description of the change with links to pages with more details. And to increase the ease there are some how-to videos or testimonials links to take you to another page for viewing.

The second new resource is all about making their advertisers better at AdWords: the Google Best Practices series which offers actionable advice and straightforward tips to get the most out of AdWords.

Google’s official advice on AdWords, can assist in forming the foundation of your paid search strategies.

AdWords 2

These new resources should make it easier to stay current with AdWords – your “one-stop shop” for learning new advancements and the best way to utilize them.


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