AdWords Identifies Five Secrets to Success in Product Listing Ads

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Google AdWords has recently published a guide to help people create a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ for maximizing the effectiveness of their shopping campaigns.  With the help of Google Ads, they want to help all brands and marketers to make 2015 the best year ever.  Taking a moment to review the five ‘resolutions for shopping success’ can help you to get this year started off right.

Manage Your Time

Improving time management can help you in all areas of life, but it can be especially useful when managing your shopping campaigns.  Whether you are planning out how to keep your campaign in line with Google Shopping Policies, or you want to make sure you start running ads at the perfect time, an organized calendar can be very helpful.

Eliminating Clutter

While this is certainly something that many people want to do in their homes, it is also a great way to improve your business.  With the start of the New Year, why not work on eliminating some digital clutter as well.  Using the many tools and resources available through Google’s Shopping platform as well as those in the AdWords page, you can take steps to remove outdated keywords from campaigns, and set up automatic price adjustments so you don’t have to do it manually.

Trying Something New

One of the best resolutions people have in the New Year is to try new things.  This can be a great way to build success for your business as well.  One of the best ways to improve on digital advertising is to experiment with new strategies.  Since it is so easy to quickly create a campaign or make an adjustment, you’ll be able to try multiple new options in a short period of time.  Drop the ones that aren’t successful, and scale up those that are.

Become a Better Listener

Listening to others is a great way to learn more about them, and develop stronger relationships.  While it might not seem like it at first, listening to others for your online business is also a great way to learn.  You can use the information that is gathered through Analytics, or the Diagnostics tab within your Google Merchant Center to help identify what your customers are ‘saying.’

Become a Better Communicator

In addition to listening better, you should work on how you are communicating the message of your business.  Go through and look at the wording of your ads, for example, and see if they are still sending the message that you want out there.  Look at product descriptions and any other way that you communicate with your customers.

Each of these New Year’s Resolutions will be easy to take action on, and can help set you up for the best year in your business’ life.


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