Product Ads

If your business sells physical products, than product listing ads might be an excellent marketing option for you.  Product Listing Ads, or PLAs, are an innovative ecommerce solution, which helps to increase product recognition and sales.  Our PLA services include targeted, in-context advertisements, which are displayed to potential customers who are actively looking for products like yours.

A well managed PLA system will compliment other advertising efforts well, and also helps to build brand recognition so all your advertising will be more effective.  When you use our PLAs, we’ll help to ensure you get maximum exposure for your products.  We’ll also ensure the placement of these ads is done in a way which avoids redundancy, so the maximum number of people are exposed to your products.

Managing Your Costs

Another benefit we bring to the table when using product listing ads is our ability to manage the overall costs of this type of marketing.  We use advanced targeting techniques, which we have developed over time, to keep your bids low.  This technique manages each of your products individually, so you’re never paying more than necessary for each advertisement.  We’ve found this is the best way to maximize the return on investment for this type of marketing.  In addition to keeping the costs low, our strategies will actually improve conversion rates, giving you optimal results.