Remarketing should be a key component of any overall digital marketing strategy.  The most important thing, however, is to ensure it is done properly, or it will actually drive customers away.  To put it simply, remarketing is taking existing customers (or potential customers who have already given you their contact information) and attempting to market directly to them with products or services they will be most interested in.

When done properly, your customers will see you as a resource or a partner in providing them with the information or services they want or need.  If remarketing campaigns aren’t properly managed, however, customers will see your messages as spam or junk mail.  This is why we work hard to provide the best in class remarketing campaigns to all of our clients.

How We Manage Your Remarketing

When we create a remarketing campaigns for your business, we’ll look at all the existing customer information you have, and help choose what types of marketing strategies they will respond to best.  We often create segmented lists of customers based on their past purchase or browsing behavior, and offer them products or services which best compliment that history.  This has been shown to not only provide the best possible conversion rates, but it also minimizes the risk of customers feeling harassed.

With all of our remarketing campaigns, we work hard to excel in the following areas:

  • Increase Average Revenue per Customer – By remarketing existing customers, we are able to dramatically increase the average revenue brought in per customer.
  • Expand Email Marketing Lists – By properly managing your remarketing campaigns, we can create segmented email marketing lists to improve conversion rates.
  • Improve Advertisement Results – By remarketing to people based on the devices they use, or their specific interests, we can improve the ROI for all your advertising investments.
  • Reduce Waste – Our effective remarketing strategies will help eliminate wasted marketing, which saves you money.
  • Build Relationships – With our remarketing strategies in place, you will be building trust and relationships with your customers, which translates into improved sales.