Social Advertising

Advertising on social networks presents a lot of big opportunities, as well as some unique challenges.  Social media allows you to advertise to people based on extremely specific criteria, which means they are very likely to be interested in what you’re selling.  When done properly, it is possible to get great results at a price that is actually lower than most other types of digital advertisements.

We have experience creating quality social advertising campaigns on all the major social sites.  Whether you’re looking to run a focused campaign, or you want to try to reach as wide an audience as possible, we’ll help set it up and optimize it for you.

Where to Advertise

Different types of businesses perform best on different social networks.  When starting a social advertising campaign, your account manager will help you choose exactly where you should be marketing.  The most popular social networks for advertising include:

  • Facebook – Facebook is by far the largest and most used social network today.  In addition, they have a well established advertising program which allows you to target people based on what they ‘like’ as well as a wide range of personal information.  This is one of the most effective social advertising options available.
  • Twitter – Twitter has been rapidly growing their advertising program for quite some time, and with a lot of success.  When done properly, advertising on Twitter can be very beneficial, especially for building up followers and quickly getting in touch with potential customers.
  • Google+ – Google’s social network is often overlooked by marketers, which can make it possible to get great results at an affordable price.  Most people on this network also use Facebook, so advertising on both can have a lot of cross-platform benefits.
  • LinkedIn – For some businesses, linked in is the perfect place to advertise.  This network is filled with business professionals, which is ideal for many companies.

There are many other social networks to consider as well.  Your account manager will go through all the different options available, and let you know which ones will be most effective for you particular situation.