AdWords Introduces Ad Customizers for Power Users

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Google has just announced the launch of a new option for any business that is selling large number of different products.  The new service, which is known as ad customizers, will allow you to enter several different pieces of information about your business.  This information will then be stored in your account, and can be dynamically accessed by the AdWords program when displaying your ads.

This will not only save you hours of work writing up ads for similar products, but will also allow you to display much more customized ads to the viewers.

For example, if you own a car dealership and you use AdWords to bring in customers, you might be tired of having to enter a different ad description for every type of vehicle and price you have.  With Ad Customizers, however, it will all get much easier.  If you have a 2015 Ford Mustang for sale with several engine options (V6, V8 and V8 Turbo, for example) you can just specify that in your Ad Customizers platform.

AdWords will then auto enter these details (as well as others you specify) when displaying it to the customer.  This way if someone searches for “New Ford Mustang with V8 Turbo” they will see your ad that is listed as the V8 Turbo, and it can even include your exact price.

See this image as an example.  This is for kitchen mixers:


In addition, you can put in countdown timers for sales and other promotions, which you can see here:


It is even possible to have the AdWords program adjust prices and other details based on the information you originally entered.  For example, if you are promoting airline flights, you can list how many different routes there are and how much the lowest one will be, as you can see here:


This program has already been used by many companies in beta testing and they have reported having excellent success.  Not only in saving them time and effort, but also with increased CTRs and conversions.  If you own or market for a company that has a large number of products, make sure you check this new feature of AdWords out.

It is also important to mention that AdWords said that this is the first of several new features that will be launching in the coming months.


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