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Bing has recently published a post that goes into some depth about the fact that they are listening to customer feedback, and making some key changes and improvements based on what they are hearing.  They go into detail about how they are gathering information from customers both online, and in person at a variety of global product advisory meetings that took place over the past year.

They touched on a number of specific changes that they have recently made, or are currently in the process of rolling out. These changes, they believe, will help to make the user experience better, faster and easier from beginning to end.  Some of the specific points they touched on include:

  • Updated user interface that is easier to use and offers a variety of performance and efficiency improvements.
  • Improved targeting precision for ads, especially mobile ads, by using their ‘geo plus’ radius tracking.  This feature allows marketers to target people in 1-mile increments in addition o using the normal zip codes and city targeting.
  • Better scheduled ad targeting, with 15-minute increments to help insure time sensitive advertisements are displayed at times when they will be most effective.
  • More powerful keyword management that is also simpler.  You can now manage up to a million keywords in a view, and make adjustments to them through their bulk editing interface.
  • Faster Bing ads editor allows you to improve targeting and adjust settings three times faster than before.

These improvements are in addition to a number of new tools that they have recently launched to help improve the ability of brands and marketers to better use the Bing Ads platform. These new tools include:

  • A new change history report to provide information in a grouped way so it is easier to see what changes have been made.
  • An improved bid landscape tool, which is able to better predict the estimated impressions and clicks that you will get from a campaign.  This is great for planning out your advertising investment.
  • Delivery statuses is a tool that helps you to optimize a campaign based on insights specific to your ad performance.
  • The new Top Mover tool locates the key pieces of information from your ad account so you can make smart changes quickly and easily based on up to date information.

Overall, these are some pretty significant changes and additions to the program.  Bing seems to recognize that their Ads platform has a significant amount of room for growth, and the only way they will be able to do it is by giving customers what they want.


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