Bing Ads Now Offers App Extensions

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It seems like every day now we hear more and more about how mobile browsing is taking over the Internet.  Fewer people are using their PCs to surf the web, and that means people spending more time on their smart phones and tablets using their apps.   With so many apps published on the various marketplaces, it can be hard to get yours found.   Bing Ads is launching a new solution that is designed to help app owners get people to find and install their app on their various mobile devices. The solution is called App Extensions.

Effective immediately, App Extensions are available for Windows, iOS and Android devices.  These extensions are set up to make it so you can promote your apps, which will increase the number of downloads.  The extensions use a smart algorithm to determine which OS and device type is in use so they will only be displayed to customers who can actually download and install the app.  The ads themselves will look like this:

App Extensions

Advantages of App Extensions

These new extensions will help marketers in a variety of great ways.  For example, you will be able to enjoy an increased level of engagement with the customers.  Since you can use the call-to-action to help get people to install apps they will know exactly what they should be doing.  The extensions are also going to come with detailed reporting to help marketers track the app installs as well as the clicks that don’t end up leading to installs.

These app installs are able to be used at either the campaign or the ad group level, which will give you added flexibility and the ability to quickly make changes when they are needed.  This helps to ensure the most effective, and easiest, use of these ads possible.  As mentioned earlier, the app extensions also use the ‘smart detection’ technology to automatically link the users to the proper app stores and the proper versions of apps based on device type and operating system version.


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