Bing Enhanced Sitelinks Launch Globally

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Last September Bing launched their new Enhanced sitelinks for US clients.  The program was a success, with many clients getting a lot of benefit from them.  Bing has just announced that they are now rolling this great feature to Bing Ads customers throughout all their clients around the world.

The Enhanced Sitelinks come in all the languages that are supported currently by Bing Ads, including English, Spanish, French and German.

These sitelinks are serving on any PC or tablet traffic throughout most of the Yahoo Bing network.  They are also pushing a new features which allows the user to specifically specific which Sitelink will have the priority for what type of device.  This can make it much easier to get the exact links you want to display for the type of visitor who sees them.

Why Enhanced Sitelinks

Enhanced Sitelinks make it so you can add in up to two lines of custom text to your Sitelink extensions.  The customer who sees this new add will be able to gather all the additional information, which can help them to quickly decide whether or not they want to click your ad.  This will help improve the conversion rates of those who do click, and possibly increase the overall CTR in some campaigns.

You can see an example of these Enhanced Sitelinks here:

Bing ads sitelinks

These sitelinks will be displayed based on a variety of factors including the relevance of your ad, the relevance of the sitelinks, the user location and much more.  Just like all of Bing Ads display selections, this is going to be based on a proprietary algorithm.  The bottom line, however is that they will display your enhanced sitelinks whenever it seems that it will benefit your overall ad campaign.

If you haven’t already, why not take a moment to sign into your Bing Ads control panel and see if Enhanced Sitelinks will benefit you.


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