Bing Ads Expands Opportunities Tab to All Markets

By on Oct 27, 2014 in Bing Ads | 0 comments

The Bing Ads opportunities tab was released in the US last August.  This program has helped many advertisers get specific campaign performance optimization suggestions from Bing, and see an estimated impact of taking the suggestions and putting them into place.  Overall this feature has gotten a very positive reception, and now Bing Ads is officially rolling it out to the rest of their markets.

On top of simply expanding the program to all markets, they are also improving the usage of the tool for everyone.  In addition to all the things you could do before, you will now be able to quickly hide and unhide specific opportunities on your summary page.  You’ll also be able to completely dismiss opportunities that you are not interested in pursuing at all.

Locating a campaign in the list is now easier and alphabetized with the campaign filter list.  And, you will be able to quickly see the match type in all the bid opportunities.

These changes don’t have a major impact on the overall usefulness of the program, but will make it easier for everyone to take advantage of.


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