BingAds Releases Powerful InfoGraphic about their Audience Reach

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Bing has recently produced and released an infographic that shows just how large of an audience they are able to reach through the Bing Yahoo Ad Network.  The graphic also shows valuable information about what the shopping habits of their audience is.  This will, of course, be very valuable to advertisers who are looking to get their ads in front of hungry holiday shoppers in the coming months.

You can see the full infographic below, or on SlideShare HERE.

Some important points to focus on, however, are:

  • Their ads are seen by 153 million people in the US each month
  • They have 1.5 Billion monthly searches in Europe
  • 13 Billion monthly searches globally with an audience of 553 Million
  • They are active in 35 markets around the world
  • Those using Bing tend to spend more than those using Google
  • They have increased CTRs for their customers dramatically

All of these are very impressive numbers and are just one more reason why all advertisers need to be including the Bing Ads platform in their overall advertising strategy.  They don’t have to replace AdWords or other platforms, but at the very least they should be considered.  You can see the graphic here:

Bing Infogrpahic


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