Google Publishes iPad Version of Analytics App

By on Nov 7, 2014 in Google Analytics | 0 comments

Google has finally launched an official iPad app for their popular Analytics program.  Google Analytics is, of course, one of the most advanced analytics systems in the world, and used by millions of webmasters and business owners.  Up until this point, anyone who wanted to check on their site’s statistics while not at a PC would have to either use a mobile version of the website or use an iPad app, which really didn’t render very well on the iPad.

While it has taken them a long time to get this app out, they have done an excellent job with it.  The user interface is very attractive and easy to navigate through, and they give you access to just about everything you could ever want to do.  Included in the app are real-time stats for your sites, the ability to make adjustments to what you are tracking, and much more.

Many users will actually find that this iPad version of the app is easier to use than the full PC version, which is quite an accomplishment.  No matter what type of site you are running, if you have an iPad, this is an excellent app to purchase.

Look through the following screen shot to see just how much information is available with just a tap of your finger.



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