Google Publishes Paper on Remarketing for Search Ads

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Google has recently published a new paper titled, “Winning the Second Chance – Reaching High-Value Customers with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads.”  This paper is part of the Google Best Practices library and goes into excellent detail about how important ad retargeting really is, and just how beneficial it can be for advertisers.

In the release, Google cites the fact that online shoppers today typically visit between 2 and 4 different sites about a product before they decide to make a purchase. This means that while a potential customer may initially be inspired to purchase a product on your site, the chances are quite good that they will end up making the actual buy somewhere else.

Ad remarketing, or retargeting, is a solution that is growing in popularity quite rapidly.  It will take those customers who browsed away from your site, and display ads for the products they were looking at in order to try to bring them back.  This has proven to be very effective, as long as it is done properly and that is where the paper can be extremely useful.

The following four points about what is covered in the paper are taken directly from Google’s announcement page:

  • What’s the most efficient and effective way to tag your site?
  • Which types of remarketing lists should you focus on?
  • By how much should you raise your RLSA bid adjustment?
  • What advanced strategies can you use to expand volume?

These, and many other questions are answered in Google’s paper.  It is well worth a read for anyone who is engaging in digital advertising.  You can see the entire paper as a PDF HERE.


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