New Whitepaper on Cross-Board E-Commerce Released from Bing Ads

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Marketing online has many advantages to it, one of which is the fact that you can draw the attention of users from around the globe.  Bing Ads has recently published a new whitepaper that really shows just how powerful this type of marketing can be.  It is focused on European markets, though the information contained within is extremely valuable for brands and marketers no matter where they are located.

In the whitepaper they show that according to recent Nielsen figures, consumers in the UK alone spend over 8.5 million Euros by shopping across borders.  This is from an estimated 15.9 million different shoppers, which really shows just how willing people are to make purchases from companies outside of their native land.

To make this even more attractive, the numbers show that by 2018, those in the UK are expected to spend about 18 billion Euros per year in cross-border spending.

These numbers make it very clear that brands and marketers need to look seriously at their marketing strategies when it comes to people outside their own country.  With modern shipping options, it is no longer difficult to get your products where people want them, no matter where in the world this may be.

In addition, the Bing Ads network boasts that they display ads in 35 countries around the world, making them a great option for anyone who wants to begin marketing more globally.  In the release of this whitepaper, they state that they have 110 million unique people who are searching on their network, contributing 1.3 billion searches per month. This is for searches in Europe alone.  Add in the millions of people using the Bing network in other parts of the world and it is quite easy to see just how powerful their display ads can be for any company willing to market overseas or even just across the border.

You can download the full whitepaper from the Bing ads site HERE.


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