Display Advertising

Display advertising is a powerful way to get your brand in front of people. It can also be a very costly medium if not managed properly. The key is to define the objective, be it branding, lead generation, e-commerce or direct response. Once the objective is defined we can determine the effectiveness of the display advertising campaign through attribution.

Display marketing is usually at the top of the funnel of whatever the objective is. The reason for this is that because the ads appear on websites, people aren’t searching for your product or service specifically. They may be looking for an answer to a question they have, which is the reason they are on a website. Your ad will appear somewhere on that page, and the person will potentially click on the ad and visit your site. The relevancy of the ad is key to the quality of the visit. This type of visit will expose your site to people who may have never known of your site otherwise. This exposure is key to long term growth. The visitor may not convert immediately, but they may a potential for whatever the objective is at a later date.

By setting up the campaign properly and through analysis we are able to see the effectiveness of these types of campaigns in the long term.