Mobile Advertising


Over the past several years mobile advertising has gone from a rarely used novelty to a multi-billion dollar per year industry.  The growth of this type of marketing is continuing at incredible rates because of the fact that it is so effective.  With a growing percentage of people accessing the Internet on their mobile phones or tablets, it is extremely important to properly market directly to them.  In many cases, these individuals are using their mobile devices to research products or services just prior to purchase.

We have been helping customers harness the power of mobile advertising by creating engaging ads, and having them properly displayed to all types of customers.  There are many effective platforms to use, and we can provide guidance on where your mobile advertising dollars should be spent, and how to properly optimize all your mobile marketing campaigns.

How Your Account manager will Help

Your account manager will help you to create the perfect mobile advertising campaign for your business.  Some things they will assist with include:

  • Mobile Ad Platforms – We’ll help you choose the best converting platforms to advertise on.  We have experience running ad campaigns on all the major ad networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, in-app advertising and more.
  • Device Specific Ads – When it comes to mobile advertising, getting the right ads on the right device is critical.  We’ll work hard to ensure all your ads look perfect on the devices which will convert best for you.
  • Mobile Website – Mobile advertising won’t do much good if your website doesn’t look good on these devices.  We’ll work with you to ensure you have a great mobile optimized webpage for your visitors.
  • Cross-Channel Marketing – Most people today access the web through both mobile and desktop computers.  We’ll create a mobile advertising campaign that compliments all your other marketing efforts to provide quality, cross-channel marketing with exceptional results.